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Weslo Property Management tenants got together on the 8th of June for their second tenant participation group meeting.

Since their first meeting in March 2017 the group,   the first private sector scrutiny and development group of its kind in Scotland, have been working on a range of topics such as private sector housing policy, property condition and service and tenant scrutiny.

Ashley Millan, Head of Private Rented Services said:

“Tenant engagement is fairly unusual in the Private Rented Sector and unlike our parent company there is no legal obligation for Weslo Property Management, as a private sector landlord/agent, to engage with our tenants on areas such as tenant scrutiny. However, Weslo Property Management aims to mirror, albeit on a smaller scale and without formal regulation, the requirements in which our parent company, Weslo Housing Management, has set out in its tenant participation strategy”

The group , which is currently made up of eight tenant members, will also  consult on, and complete, Government Consultations and will champion best practice within the sector amongst acting as a community anchor amongst their private tenant  peers.

Quote from tenant member:

“I’ve been renting in the private rented sector for 7 years and this is the first time I’ve ever been asked for my opinion” said Robert Sharp “I think this is a great idea, it’s helpful and informative and it’s great to be part of-   that’s why I got involved”