Further to the UK and Scottish Government announcements, Weslo Property Management will be carrying out a limited repairs service where repairs are classed as “absolutely necessary”.

If you are a Weslo Property Management tenant and have an emergency repair to report, please telephone 01506639168.

Emergency Repairs are as follows:

  • Gas leak
  • Significant leaking or flooding from a water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • Ensuring houses are wind and watertight (temporary repairs to make safe only)
  • Unsafe power or lighting sockets or electrical fittings
  • A blocked flue to an open fire or boiler
  • Loss of space or water heating if no alternative heating is available; (no heat or hot water)
  • Toilets which do not flush (if there is no other toilet in the house)
  • Blocked foul drains, soil stacks, baths, sinks, basins or toilet pans (if there is no other toilet in the house)
  • Loss or part loss of water supply

Where we cannot gain access to your property to carry out these checks due to Covid -19, for example where a tenant is self-isolating and denies access, we will keep a record of the circumstances surrounding the non-access and will arrange for the check to be carried out at a later date.

Technical Support

If you have a technical issue our colleagues may be available to call you back to help and, in some cases, identify a solution over the telephone.

Gas Leaks

A reminder that gas leaks are dealt with by Scottish Gas Network (SGN). If you suspect a gas leak can be found online at https://crowd.in/EMWXBZ

Additional / Existing safety and Risk Assessment measures

Our employees will adhere to the Governments guidance and will adhere to strict Health and Safety guidance

  • Social Distancing and Hygiene measures must be adhered to at all time
  • People to be a minimum distance of 2 meters apart
  • A maximum of one person in the room at any time
  • Politely ask customers if they are showing symptoms of the virus before arranging the repair
  • Politely ask customers to vacate the room you / trades will be working in prior to you arriving
  • Politely ask customers to clear areas you / trades need to access in advance of you arriving

Please be advised this is a fluid situation and work may be disrupted due to the availability of resources